Thursday, May 10, 2012

Voting for Mickey Mouse

I'm disappointed in Fairfax City, only 90% of them, not the people that got off their asses and actually voted last Tuesday. Only about 10% showed up to vote last week and that is a sobering statistic. We boast over 22,000 people live in the city and only about 2,300 people showed up to cast their ballots last Tuesday.

I am beginning to think that people just don't give a crap anymore. Plenty of opinions on politics, though. If political opinions were ever backed-up with actual votes, politicians might actually fear the populace and we might get a better pool of talent to pull from.

I consider that little "I Voted" sticker my license to bitch and renew it every few years regularly.

I decided to go to City Hall and take a look at the "Write-Ins" that those that DID take the time to go vote and voice their opinion. Its an interesting snapshot of the people that get out and vote and what is on their mind.

I found that even though he never declared he was running for office, or has EVER expressed any interest in politics, Mickey Mouse did well. He was written-in 3 times, that's equal to 30 votes had 100% of the population showed up to vote.

Donald Duck was also in the mix, he garnered two votes and another for School Board. Batman had a good showing, he got two votes. Sweeney Todd and Mark Twain got a vote, even though Twain is dead. I wonder if he was elected, how he might serve? Would one of those guys that dresses up like him and quotes him historically be able to serve? Sweeney Todd is a fictitious character. I wonder what that person think he would make a good councilman? Have you seen Sweeney Todd?

I am still trying to figure out who or what "C2BB1" is. That one has eluded me.

A new candidate made a splash this year, Ramsey the Cat garnered a couple of votes at one precinct but that could just be a glitch, so I don't take him seriously. He was unable to comment as he was in the cat box when asked for his opinion. I am sure he took a "Anti-Rodent" stance, so maybe those single-issue voters wanted to prop him up.

I would like to thank Kevin Linehan at City Hall for taking the time to how me the results from this past election cycle at Rasmussen House on the property of City Hall. His office is responsible for the voting process and how it is tabulated. He said any of these records are available for viewing by any citizen if they wish. I am glad to know he is at the helm of the process, I felt much better knowing that SOMEONE takes these things seriously and cares about the process. It certainly wasn't 90% of the citizens of the City of Fairfax. At least not this election cycle.

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